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Bryan Bellas, Menoboy Studios' latest sweetheart, is in Paris for the week-end and he decides to see Markiza, a cutie that he met last summer while shooting France's Next Best Young Rider. But since Markiza had gotten into an accident and was injured, Bryan could not enjoy Markiza's dick ' except briefly for a hot threesome. Therefore, this time, he has the intention of taking advantage of his colleague, alone. Without wasting any time, the two guys start blowing each other in the corridor. Bryan sits back in a chair and lets Markiza take care of his dick. Then, he sucks Markiza's rock-hard cock in return. He moves his hungry mouth up and down on his friend's hard shaft and Markiza exults in the hot blowjob he is getting! On the dining table, he enjoys this oral sex session with his slut of a friend and he gets blown at length. At one point, Markiza starts slapping Bryan's ass before sticking his tongue in sweet hole. Bryan is getting eaten out on all fours on the table's bench when suddenly he feels his buddy's hard dick slide into his manhole. Markiza bones him harder and faster, clenching every muscle at each deep thrust. The pleasure of having this big tool deep inside of him drives Bryan Crazy. Markiza is in pretty good shape, the injuries caused by the accident are far gone! He has the firm intention of fucking the craps out of his friend. He takes him to the sofa and keeps drilling his hole. He fucks him hard, in a hot doggie-style position. Those two do have stamina and they know how to have great fun! Finally, Bryan sprays his friend's stomach with hot jism before Markiza cums, unleashing huge loads of spunk. That's the sign of a steaming-hot sex session!


With : MarkizaBryan Bellas Category : Made in FranceTwinksGay arab menMixed menMenoboy DVD: ------------ Time : 16'


Cute French twink Lou Damon is usually a bottom, a hot submissive bottom. But in today's scene, he has a little surprise in store for us⦠He is meeting Tony Power for a nice hook-up. While he is getting a blowjob from his guy-of-the-night, one can see that he is a little be authoritative than he usually is: he takes Tony's hand to get his nipples played with, he stands up to fuck Tony's mouth hard, he grasps his head to stick his dick deep down Tony's throat and he dickslaps him⦠Will Lou be a dominating top? Usually he is a submissive bottom but today Tony is the submissive one⦠Lou feeds his dick, forces him to lick his balls and eventually grab his head to get his hole eaten out. But the leopard can change its spots. Lou gets on all fours on the chair to get his ass licked. Tony sticks his tongue in, jams a couple of finger in⦠One may think that he is getting Loup ready to top him. But no⦠Even in this position, it is Lou who is in charge. He is the one giving his ass to be licked: he takes Tony's head to feel his tongue deep inside his hole⦠After getting his dick serviced some more, Lou sits on his friend's face to fuck Tony's face with his ass⦠True story! And pretty hot position too! Finally, he fucks him! Lou shoves slowly his dick into Tony's ass and then, he starts pounding him away! He goes wild on his friend's ass and for someone who is usually more of a bottom, he knows how to top a guy! He fucks him hard and deep but he does not have that much staminaâ¦. He soon shoots his load on Tony, who finds himself covered in cum. And, as any man would do, Tony pushed away his friend, who is trying to kiss him and take off. He has gotten laid, now he's good, he does'nt need him any moreâ¦


With : Damon LoanTony Power Category : Made in FranceTwinksGay arab menMixed menSoftTattooFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: Plans Baises Time : 17'


Silvio is 29 years old and he has just auditioned for Menoboy Studios. He is really hot and fit. I offered him to film him jerking off under a bridge on a rainy day. A successful audition.


With : Souyl Category : Made in FranceTwinksGay arab menMasturbationSoftOutdoorsMenoboy DVD: ------------ Time : 7'


Two salesmen are often on work trips together. One is young and innocent looking, the other is more mature and quite experienced. Every once in a while the boy likes to take a break to service his colleague's big dick.


With : Enzo Lacombe Category : Made in FranceTwinksOfficeOutdoorsMachoFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: Costumes 3 Pièces Time : 16'


A patient comes to the doctor's because the area around his anus is painful. Doctor Pamish and two male nurses from the clinic do not find anything wrong. Just to be sure that the patient is really healthy, the three hotties explore his ass in depth and this medical visit quickly turns into a hot foursome. This scene is the last video starring Evan Pamish.


With : Mateo LamourAurélien LecanBrian DickersEvan Pamish Category : Made in FranceTwinksIn the officeGang bangsFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: En Cas d'Urgence Time : 15'


Eross wants to get into porn. So, he contacted me to audition for Menoboy Studios. For him to have some fun for his first time in front of my camera, I picked a quality partner: Arny, a hung hot cutie. The two guys start making out and quickly they take off their clothes. As in any audition, the first step is giving your partner a blow job but when Eross starts sucking Arny's dick, shyness takes over. However, after a faltering beginning, Eross manages to loosen up and when it comes to getting fucked, he gets on all fours to offer his sweet hole to his partner. Eross is more and more comfortable and, at one point, he takes the lead: he impales himself on Arny's fat cock and bounces up and down on it. After drilling his hole nice and good, Arny shoots his load on Eross' back. So, what do you think? Is he porn actor material? Do we hire him to shoot in other films?


With : ArnyEross Category : Made in FranceTwinksMenoboy DVD: Plans Directs Time : 11'


During a road inspection in front of his house, Angel Tyessen is pulled over for speeding. The two French cops, Enzo Rimenez and Jess Royan, propose a more enjoyable deal.


With : Jess RoyanAngel Tiessen Category : Made in FranceTwinksGang bangsTattooBig DicksFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: Dérapages Time : 26'


For this scene, we put a small video camera on Afanasiy Volk's and Tybo Calter's heads. The goal was to film a sex tape scene without the presence of the production team and without somebody having to hold the video camera. The result is an unseen-before kind of scene.


With : Tybo CalterAfanasiy Volk Category : Made in FranceTwinksMenoboy DVD: ------------ Time : 8'


Fred has been invited to Heaven, a gay bar in Montpellier, by Jesse Royan and Enzo Rimenez. Horny as hell, Jesse picks up a young dude and nails him in the backroom. Soon, Enzo and Fred join in to discover the pleasures of a sling. A really hot four-some that will make you cum at least twice.


With : Jess RoyanFredFred Vino Category : Made in FranceTwinksBackroom DonjonGang bangsTattooSlingMenoboy DVD: Flag Time : 26'