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After his first video ' 'Dial 911 if your ass is on fire' ' find out your favorite straight-acting fireman, Dylan, in charge of surveillance with his colleague, Sunny Blue. A hot wave has been hitting the south of France and the fire risk is high in the scrubland. At one point, Dylan wants to take a leak so, he walks away from his colleague. But like him, his colleague is a gay fireman and he follows him to check him out. Taken aback, Dylan takes him to a remote place, behind a farm machine. Sunny Blue unzips his colleague's pants and swallows his dick. Find out what happens next by watching the video.


Con : Sunny BlueDylan Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesUniformsCruising al aire libreMenoboy DVD: Le Feu au Cul Tempo : 14'