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Tim Loux is a sex machine. What he loves the most: Arab guys and massive cocks. Tonight, he has both with XXL-hung Arab stud Kamzouz. It clicks right away. Tim doesn't let go of Kamzouz' dick which fills his whole mouth. Kamzouz ends up spinning him around and forcefully slides his dick in. Tim is exulting but he can't get enough. He screams and asks his sex partner for more, and even more. Soooo good!


With : KamzouzTim Loux Category : Made in FranceTwinksFree TrailerGay arab menMixed menTattooFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: ------------ Time : 22'


This week, 'Last Night in Paris' pays a visit to Illy Rya and Rudy M. These two twinks don't waste any time: Ludo has hardly turned the video camera on when the two guys start kissing and rubbing their hardening pieces of meat. They soon take off their clothes and get down to business. They suck at each other before doing a 69. Then, Rudy offers Illy his welcoming ass. Illy enjoys it very much, he inserts his tongue in Rudy's puckered hole. Then, he plunges his dick in his boyfriend's ass, roughly then sensually and roughly again. Rudy is loving it and is asking for more. And so are we.


With : Illy RiaRudy M Category : Made in FranceTwinksFree TrailerTattooFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: Paris Secret Time : 22'


I am to meet two guys, Steph Killer and hot twink Eddy at Club 88, on “rue Saint Denis”, in Paris. We are starting to shoot the scene when, all of a sudden, the producer of Crunchboy Studios walks into the Love Hotel's room. At first, we are both really surprised but we come to a compromise. We agree to film the scene together, simultaneously. Eddy is a young gay guy from Paris. He loves dicks and enjoys getting fucked by well-hung bad boys. Steph Killer is perfect to break his sweet ass.


With : Eddy CrunchSteph Killer Category : Made in FranceTwinksFree TrailerTattooFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: Paris Secret Time : 25'


Delta Kobra and Matt Kennedy are meeting for a nice hook-up. The gentle and passionate kisses soon give way to a hot oral sex session. Matt starts running his tongue down the smooth and muscular body of the Brazilian hunk, who soon finds himself on his knees to swallow the French hottie's hard dick ' or maybe to show him how to do it right. But as far as blowjobs are concerned, Matt Kennedy does not need any advice⦠He knows how to please a man⦠And Delta Kobra is quick to realize it. Matt puts his friend's shaft in his mouth, gently sucks the head of his cock before downing Delta Kobras's juicy dick. He blows him at length. After getting his dick serviced, the Brazilian macho blows him in return, sliding his skillful tongue inside Matt's foreskin to make him feel something special and intense. He then grabs both of their cocks and strokes them against each other. There is no denying the fact that the Brazilian stud knows how to make foreplay last to increase their excitement. He eventually spins Matt around to stick his hard dick deep inside Matt's hole. He fucks him on his stomach, on his back, flips him around and Matt is loving it. He enjoys being subdued by a manly dominant top, who bangs him hard! Matt then sits on Delta Kobra's dick and bounces up and down, following his instruction to please him with his hole as best as he can. His tone is authoritarian ' 'fuck yourself on that fucking dick' ' and so does Matt, more and more turned on. They finish with a very original position, fucking upside down on the bed so that Matt can fell his dick even more, deep inside of him. The French cutie cums on his stomach, followed by Delta Kobra whose orgasme cause him to shudder a dozen times! That was a fucking good fuck! 30 minutes of pleasure and the two hotties are sweating and pleased!


With : Matt KennedyDelta Kobra Category : Made in FranceTwinksFree TrailerSport guysTattooLatino menMixed menMenoboy DVD: Topher! Time : 27'


Spencer Solaz is going out for a walk with Kazmouz, just outside the holiday villa. The Arab boy takes him to a sunflower field to show him his huge stinger and to forage his anal flower. Spencer really enjoys Kazmouz big tool and he is looking forward to tasting his honey. Doggy style, he takes this Arab cock deep in his ass. He moans at each thurst of his partner. Finally, Kamzouz unleashes his load all over Spencer's sweet ass.


With : Spencer SolazKamzouz Category : Made in FranceTwinksFree TrailerOutdoorsGay arab menMixed menMenoboy DVD: On Y Va Time : 19'


In the restroom of a bar in Montpellier, John Despe runs into a hottie, on his way out. Amir Djeda gets his ass drilled, right away, without a word. To keep him from being too loud, John puts his hand on Amir's mouth, muffling his screams of pleasure, but almost smothering him as well. Mister Despe loves it. He fucks him in every possible spot: up against the shelves, on the ground as well as on a chair. A super exciting video, shot under real conditions.


With : John DespeAmir Djeda Category : Made in FranceTwinksGay arab menPublic toiletsFree TrailerMenoboy DVD: Open Bar Time : 20'


Tim Loux is in tutoring to learn Portuguese. However, he is a restless student. How can his tutor do to keep Tim's attention? With a teacher as hot as Diego, Tim is interested in something else than his professor's mother tongue. With his fellow-student, Tim starts blowing his tutor before getting boned on the desk. Tim is so turned on that he shoots his load before his hot teacher. But it's ok, Professor De Lavega has another hole at his disposal and he fills it up against the whiteboard. With such an approach, you can definitely find a solution to the increasing dropout rate.


With : Guillaume AskoTim Loux Category : Made in FranceTwinksFree TrailerFeatured videoGang bangsGay arab menMixed menExhibitionistTop videoMenoboy DVD: ------------ Time : 19'


Doryann Marguet is practicing his favourite hobby today: drawing. He is enjoying this moment of creativity when the bell rings. His fuck-buddy is at the door and he wants cock right now...


With : Doryann Marguet Category : Made in FranceTwinksFace ejaculationBlack menBlack on whiteMixed menHairy menFeatured videoFree TrailerMenoboy DVD: Plaisir Charnel Time : 35'


Noa is into men in firemen's uniforms. He calls 911 and tells the person who picks up a cock-and-bull story. When Dylan and Greg Centuri, two gay firefighters, get there they do what they can to calm down the restless twink, who is really hot in the ass. Noa goes down on both of them. Then, Dylan lifts Noa's butt to slide his dick in. Every inch deeper that the cock goes triggers a new flash of pleasure for Noa. After fucking him hard and filling him from both ends, the two firemen spray their loads on the hot twink's sweet face.


With : Greg CenturiNoa SmithDylan Category : Made in FranceTwinksUniformsGang bangsFace ejaculationFree TrailerMenoboy DVD: Le Feu au Cul Time : 19'


Théo is only 18 and he's already a master at fucking. He's just moved in into his own place and looking to get a roommate. The best candidate will have to be good at taking cock!


With : Théo BerryGino Category : Made in FranceTwinksTattooFree TrailerMenoboy DVD: ------------ Time : 22'