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A bunch of young hotties have sexually abused Carlo Sata's nephew. So, Carlo decides to punish them. He begins by spanking them in turns. Then, he takes out his package in front of Afanasiy's mouth. All of them have to suck his dick and fuck each other in the ass. An outstanding gay cast starring Carlo Sata, Afanasiy Volk, Tybo Calter, Matt Lopez and Zack. A 100% Menoboy Studios Exclusivity.


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Before we could film him for a gay porn movie, we had to show him what gay sex was like. Here is Zack, MENOBOY's slutty thug, taking the first steps. Watch out! There will be a massive facial cumshot.


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When the shooting of a movie by Menoboy Studios is over, it is usually time to party. After the shooting of 'Incarceration', which had been pretty hard on the guys, they go wild at Ludo's. However not all actors are in a partying mood... It is particularly the case for John Despe and Morgan Daix who prefer having sex together. Hungry as he is, Morgan Daix attempts to take John Despe's fat cock entirely in his mouth. Good luck with that... John is so well-hung that Morgan has to give it several tries. Then, John wildly ravages Morgan's ass. And Morgan is loving every second of it. It is impressive how those two love sex!


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Emilien Cali and Gianni Benne have been challenged by Ludo to have sex at Ikea. Emilien Cali is really excited because he has already had oral sex with Samy Costa and Yohan in a supermarket restroom during the shooting of 'Living with Roomies 2011'. As far as he is concerned, Gianni Bene is shyer and quite tense when he walks into the department store. He has never had sex in a public place before so it is pretty difficult for him to start with a hook up at Ikea. After wandering around in the kitchen section, they head for a remote showroom to go down to business discreetly. After fucking Gianni Benne nicely, Emilien Cali shoots his creamy load on his friend's face.


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Antoine has been looking for his brother for a few months now. There is only one guy who can help Antoine find him: Edouard Swan, a ruthless mafioso, who can't live without his right arm man, Ryan. Edouard has some info for him. To get 'thanked', he motions Ryan to stick his dick into Antoine's ass. Ryan does not particularly like touching guys. But he doesn't really have a choice: it's an order from his boss.


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Ivan is a hot stud from Russia, visiting a bunch of friends in southern France. He is discreetly jerking off in the stair case when his mate, Mathieu, walks in on him. With no hesitation whatsoever, Mathieu drops to his knees and starts blowing Ivan's rock-hard 8.5-inch cock. The horny Russian stud then spins Mathieu around and pushes him up against the wall to take care of his sweet hole. After gently eating him out, he shoves his meaty cock into his friend's welcoming ass. Mathieu then gets on all fours and gets banged relentlessly by his Russian friend in the middle of the stair case before moving up against the banister in a hot standing-fuck. Their moaning testifies to the pleasure they are taking from this unexpected hookup, which draws the attention to their roommates in the living room. It actually does even more than that: it gives them some inspiration. To emulate the two hotties, they get into a hot threesome on the couch, almost stealing their friends' thunder. But it does not bother Ivan and Mathieu, who keep fucking in a variety of positions. Ivan is really attentive to Mathieu's pleasure asking him every now and them if he is enjoying it. In the end, he shoots an impressive load of cum on Mathieu's back, before being joined by the two other tops who add their hot creamy spunk to the hot stud's. That's how hot it gets when a bunch of French people live together and have someone over. Who said French people weren't welcoming?


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