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Every day, at the university dorm, Seth Fire makes fun of Cooper for being a virgin. One Friday afternoon, he decides to take the plunge and to get deflowered by Seth. When Cooper drops by, Seth is all too glad to give Seth this favor. So, he lets him in and, very quickly, the two hot twinks get naked on Seth's bed. Since he is craving for sex, the French twink swallows his friend's hard rod and he seems to be doing a pretty good job for a beginner. Then, Seth decides to get down to real business and to deflower the French virgin. Cooper is having a hard time at first, but, quickly his hole gets dilated enough and he relishes in the feeling of Seth's hard uncut cock moving in and out of him. He gets banged in a variety of positions and he is loving it. For this sex christening, Seth spews his load on Cooper's stomach. I think that Cooper will remember his first time. Plus, now he has discovered the joy of gay sex, he is going to go wild and to ask for more! Every day, at the university dorm, Seth Fire makes fun of Cooper for being a virgin. Cooper is shy and he has never had sex with anyone yet. One friday afternoon, he decides to take the plunge and to get deflowered by Seth. At 19, on June 21, 2009, Cooper was still a virgin. After his visit to Seth, he no longer was.


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Once more, Kamzouz proves us that he's definitely a top. So far, we've had the privilege to our favorite Arab hottie twice as a bottom: the first time for his audition with Dylan and the second time with Kareem. However, in this brand new video, Kamzouz refuses to get fucked in his ass. Therefore, Kenzo will have to ride Kamzouz' huge cock. It's more easily said than done because Kenzo is only a top too. Have a look at this first video starring Kenzo bottoming.


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Amir Djeda really wants Marwin. In a room, at the other end of the house, Amir makes him a hot proposition. Marwin is quick to accept it. He whips out his big tool and gets it sucked by Amir. Then, he lifts Amir's leg to hammer him on the ironing board. At every thrust, you can hear the sound of flesh slapping flesh as well as the ironing board squeak and Amir screaming. You have to admit: when it comes to man-to-man sex, French-Arab guys do it in a really manly way.


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In this dunce room, Julyann is not in a studying mood. On his notebook, he is drawing the dick of the teacher who is watching over him. Noticing that the schoolboy is not studying, the teacher asks him to show him his notebook. But, at first, Julyann refuses, before bringing it to his desk at the second request. When he sees the drawing, the teacher scolds him and then gives him a punishment that fits the crime. It is up to you to say if the the punishment does fit the crime. According to me, Julyann will certainly re-offend next time he is in detention.


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An inmate is asking a young scum for money. With other inmates they all break his ass and cum on his face. A gang rape in the prison yard where each inmate fucks the cute bottom in turns. An intense scene.


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Jessy Dog finds himself in the warden's office for throwing his meal tray in John Despe's face. Malik, the gay civil servant, cannot get anything out of the scum and he sends him to the isolation wing. But it is not Malik's last word and he goes to the laundry room to question Quillian, who witnessed the scene. He will not spill the beans. Malik does not particularly appreciate such rebellious behavior. To wield his authority, he decides to humiliate the guy and to fuck him. 'You don't want to talk? Your mouth is of no use then...', he tells him. Then, he starts fingering the puckered hole of the young boy, who is in tears, before hardly fucking him on the laundry basket. In pain, Quillian attempts to take hold of the walkie-talky to call for help. In Vain. To punish him, Malik thrusts his cock in and out of Quillian's tight ass even harder. Finally, to top it all, the warden unleashes his load of spunk all over the inmate's face before kicking him with his boots. A XXX humiliation scene.


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