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Anthony Cruz is sitting in the stair-well and he comes across his neighbor who sees that there is something wrong. Anthony tells him that he has just broken up with his boyfriend. His neighbor, a cute Arab bad boy decides to comfort him by giving him exactly what he needs, a pick-me up ' a big pick me up ' right there in the stairs. He starts giving Anthony a blowjob, swallowing Anthony's big dick deep down his throat. All of a sudden, Anthony feels far better and he is prompted by a huge thirst for sex. So, he takes his neighbor's dick in his hot mouth and starts sucking it. It becomes harder and harder and Anthony finds out that his neighbor is endowed⦠He was not expecting that⦠He blows him some more and finds himself in front of a real monster cock! Then, Anthony gets on all fours to get his hole eaten out by his bad boy of a neighbor, who soon slowly sticks his huge dick in. Even if Anthony is versatile, he has having some trouble taking it up his ass at first. But he soon gets used to it and his neighbor starts pounding him harder and harder. He literally drills Anthony's manhole and he even has to put his hand on his mouth to prevent Anthony from screaming. It would be too bad if they had to stop because of someone walking in on them⦠The two hotties then move up the stairs and Anthony gets fucked on his back. His neighbor is a skillful fucker! He relentlessly slams his monster cock into Anthony's welcoming hole! Anthony gets plowed with his sneakers on and his jeans on his knees, just like a hurried cock-craving slut⦠They move on to a really hot doggie-style position before the Arab bad boy shoots his load on the small of Anthony's back. He takes off, without saying a word, leaving Anthony covered in cum, alone in the stair-well. But that's ok, Anthony finishes himself off thinking about this hot unexpected hook-up with that well-hung hunk.


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18-year-old French twink Andrea is not really good in English. So, his brother-in-law has decided to pay a tutor who will give him English lessons. Today is the first time he has met his English tutor and Andrea notices right away that he is gay. So, he suggests that they should study on his bed. In the twinkling of an eye, the tutor and his student are naked on the French twink's bed. But all of a sudden, Striky, Andrea's brother-in-law walks in on them. At first annoyed at the fact that Andrea is not studying, he soon decides to join in. While giving his young brother-in-law a juicy blowjob, the athletic 30-something hunk gets his thick dick serviced by the English teacher. Those three guys are horny and they suck one another's dicks. Since he is paying Andrea's teacher, Striky figures that he might as well get some hot sex out of it⦠And let's just say that this hottie is not a teacher for nothing: he knows how to give a good oral lesson⦠He swallows Striky's hard tick cock, taking it down into his throat. Striky starts coveting his gay brother-in-law's ass, sticking his tongue into his smooth hole before jamming a couple of fingers in⦠Apparently, Striky prefers the brother's ass than the sister's pussy, relishing in the 18-year-old's tight hole and hard dick. All of a sudden, the English teacher gets on all fours and starts fingering his own hole, suggesting that he is ready to get down to business. Striky shoves his hard dick inside the horny slut's ass and starts pounding him hard. 'Yeah, come on', he shouts out in English while getting screwed hard by the hot 30-year-old hunk. Striky enjoys topping this cock-craving bottom! He slaps his butt and plows him even harder⦠Then, it is Andrea's turn to take advantage of his tutor's wide-open manhole. Usually, it is rather the other way around: it is the teacher who fucks his student⦠But today, it is the student who fucks his teacher and the teacher is loving it! Andrea has the vigor of his youth and even if his thrusts may seem awkward every now and then, he sticks his dick deep inside his tutor's hole. The English teacher enjoys having two brothers-in-law fucking him in turns. But Striky is a better top: he has more experience and it shows⦠The English teacher screams louder and louder! Finally, Andrea shoots his load on his teacher's chest soon followed by his not-so-straight brother-in-law: his balls were full and heavy streams of cum erupt from his dick onto the hot Latino's chest. That's a good way of paying someone in kind and I am sure the teacher prefers that to cash!


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Tim Loux is taking a stranger back to his room, at the riad where he is staying. However, he is far from imagining that his guest is about to fuck him into submission in a rough sex session. Tim has to put up with the rough dick thrusts of this dominant top who tightens his grip on him so he can fuck him deep in every possible position. A steaming hot sex session.


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Since Roland is out, Tim Loux takes advantage of this free time to cruise Dylan. Without any chit chat, he kneels down and immediately swollows his friend's boner. Dylan is always in for a treat and gets caught up in the game. But Tim Loux wants more. 'Pound me...', he tells Dylan, who is fucking him on the dining table. 'Harder', he says, while getting ploughed by handsome Dylan. At last, the two Menoboy Studios hotties, get together in a very juicy scene.


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